Monday, March 21, 2011

Session? What Session?

It is amazing that so few people I know ever talked about the legislature while it was in session.  Or the Governor's authoritarian approach to dealing with the lawmakers.  I thought about Governor Martinez's poor communication with the egos in the chambers and I had to marvel how third rate it was.  Is it true she met with the Senate Leader Michael Sanchez only once in 60 days?  She even managed to irritate conservative democrats like Tim Jennings from Roswell.

I ventured into the Albuquerque Journal archives to see what Bill Richardson had to say after his first session in 2003.  Here it is, "I think the citizens feel the state is now moving forward," the new governor later told reporters. "I think they sense a new era has started."
Here is what Martinez said, ever the partisan campaigner,  "I will continue to work hard to fulfill the promises I made to New Mexicans."

One statement seems pretty positive about the future.  One seems to denote failure and negativity.  And now Martinez wants to bring some of  these divisive issues into a special session that deals with reapportionment next September.   That is throwing gasoline on the fire.

Once again, the Governor must fire her campaign managers from the Governor's office and hire some seasoned policy wonks who understand issues and the workings of the Legislature.  It would help move New Mexico Forward.

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