Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yesterday's News

So here is yesterday's news.

Newly minted catholic  convert Newt Gingrich says he cheated on his wife and left her while she had cancer because he loved America so much.

The Catholic Bishop in Philadelphia held a prayer service for victims of pedophile priests after belatedly removing 21 of them from parish duties.

The Wisconsin republican legislators banned collective bargaining for public employee and will soon require the last rites unless I am missing my guess. There may not be any priests available due to a current shortage.

Republican Congressman Peter King from New York is conducting hearings blaming Muslins for terrorism while having served in the past as a fund raiser for the Irish Republican Army, a terrorist group.

You just cant make this up!  All in one day.  It is almost to much to take in.  This kind of stuff just makes life fun to watch.


New Mexican said...

How can he be a Catholic if he is on his 3rd wife? Annulments? I thought this Pope had put a stop to them?

Abq Dude said...

The American people aren't going to take much more of this crap. We are going to see a lot more demonstrations this summer across the country protesting the neocons and their inane actions.