Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Those Taxes

While Governor Martinez and the Tea Party types rail against high taxes in New Mexico, Forbes magazine has put Albuquerque up with high marks as a place for retired people to live.  One reason, you guessed it, low taxes.  This seems to be a little of a disconnect doesn't it.  I have always said our property taxes were pretty low compared to just about everywhere else I have been.  But to hear the GOP in this state you would think things were pretty oppressive in that tax category.

This all comes on the heels of the outing of General Electric Corp. who paid no taxes last year.  Most of those evil government employees who draw a pension paid more than GE.  Can you believe it?  Anyone who collects unemployment most likely will pay a few dollars, but corporate America and its big investors get away with murder.  Sure, they provide jobs and growth, but they should pay something.  Shouldn't they?

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Abq Dude said...

No argument there! And end oil subsidies. Problem is, Obama doesn't want to fight these battles.