Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day

For better or worse it is Earth Day.  I really mean that.  In many ways the planet is healthier than it used to be.  We are more aware of the dangers of pollutants in the soil and water.  We have become more conscious of the things that can harm the biosphere.  Recycling is a way of life for many.   Even industry finds some value in it.

In other ways things are worse.  Climate change is happening.  America's ability to respond is hampered by the GOP and Tea Party radicals who are owned and operated by the fossil fuel industry.  Science is actively debunked by these folks too with the Bible and fundamentalist believers being the biggest tools.

It is said that in the next ten  years political will can save  us from disaster on climate change.  After that it may be too late.  It will take some gutsy leaders who care more about making tough decisions than furthering their own careers and wealth.  Lets hope they exist.

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