Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Heat is On

The heat is on for both the state of politics in the USA and the planet earth's climate.  Even the climate change doubting and right wing oil money influenced Albuquerque Journal could not ignore the fact that the average temperature in the country for the first quarter was and epochal 8.6 degrees above normal.  That is a number that is numbing and just has to set even the worst science bashing republicans into a session of self doubt.

There is another number that will soon be talked about, and that is the amount of money that will be spent in the November elections.  Currently US Senate Candidate Martin Heinrich is blowing away his primary election competitors in the fund raising department.  (I just had a small fundraiser for him.)  His opponents just can't keep pace but they will doggedly do everything they can to weaken him.  Kind of like what the republican presidential primary is like.

But all of this is minor when you realize that the democratic victor in the primary will then have to square off against not only their GOP opponent but also the oil and gas funded Super-Pacs.  They will pump more money into the campaign to defeat any candidate that is not in lockstep with them than the candidates could ever raise.  All so they can keep strangling the planet with green house gases in order to keep their windfall profits and taxpayer subsidies at record levels.

Meanwhile, tucked away in the Journal is a story about how New Mexico is a leader for the generation of Solar energy.  The Solar Energy Industry Association has just released a new report that makes me proud of the ability of the state population's grasp of the usefulness of renewable energy.

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