Friday, April 27, 2012

Project Talent

Back in 1962 the students at St. Pius X High School in Albuquerque participated in a program called Project Talent.  It was a series of tests designed to figure out students strongest natural abilities in academics.  I recently found out that I could get those scores and signed up with Project Talent.  I received them this week.

It showed my strongest area as being aeronautics and space, followed by advanced high school mathematics.

Totally wrong.  My math phobia is well known amongst friends and family.  In high school I struggled with Algebra.  In college I got better but I never took much in the way of high traditional math.  I did excel at set theory, probability and statistics.  Because I had a great teacher and study partner.

The test did get some things correct.  My reading comprehension, mechanical reasoning and creativity scored high.  I think the most important thing was I could read just about anything and understand the the subject matter.  (except for math).  It convinced me that early childhood reading programs were more important than any other thing a school could do.  I funded some programs for that when I was Mayor and they really paid off for lagging students.

You might have participated in this testing regime for the years 1960-1963.  Find out at Project Talent.

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