Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Wrong Bandwagon

The Mayor of Albuquerque and the Governor of New Mexico have called on Republican County Commissioner Michael Weiner to resign his post after his picture appeared in a red light district in the Philippines.  This is taking up most of the time of the local media in New Mexico.  Much like the national media is immersing itself in young soldiers and secret service agents having sex with hookers in Columbia.  (I still would like the media to tell us what Obama and other leaders were doing there.)  Sex scandals are the best  bandwagons for the media these days.  Resignations are called for, cameras follow people, stories are repeated ad nauseum.  And things we really need to know are ignored.

A friend of mine called from out of state and was wondering how much the Albuquerque Police Department paid Commissioner Weiner to get that picture in the paper of him standing with hookers.  It effectively took the cops off the hot plate as far as news coverage of two dozen police shootings.

Scandals that involve sex end up with people being ruined, but when bush/cheney started a war based on lies which led to the deaths of thousands they were reelected.  And then they retire and one of them gets a new heart.

This country is so screwed.  No wonder so many of our Mexican immigrants are turning around and heading home.


Michelle Meaders said...

Sleazy as he is, it would be silly to have him resign now. We start voting in the Primary on May 8. He is up for re-election, and has a respected Repub. opponent. I notice the people calling for his resignation are Repubs. Is that so the Gov. can appoint his successor? Let the voters decide!

coco said...

Remember even if the voters decide to kick him out he has over half a year left in his term - way too long.

I disagree that this is a distraction. His obvious tin-ear and foot-in-mouth disease impact his job and those he works with. His attitude toward his mistakes shows a complete absence of remorse. His actions indicate he has an abiding disrespect for approximately one-half of the population he is "representing." Thanks, but I don't want him "representing" this district any longer. Certainly not another seven months.

Oscar Meyer said...

Oh the punchlines are endless.