Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I am in a quandary.  Since Rick Santorum dropped out I am beginning to think there is a god.  Until I realize we are left with Mitt Romney who wears magic underpants related to his religious beliefs, and then I know for sure  there isn't a god.  Or not a very good one.

A lot of candidates are no longer in a quandary due to the NM Supreme Court letting them stay on the ballot even though some nitpicking rules on petition signature gathering weren't followed.  The courts usually decide in favor of letting people vote on candidates.

This whole signature petition mess started decades ago when candidates were required to pay large amounts of money to file for an office.  The Supreme Court knocked that down, rightfully so, and the ability for anyone to easily run for office made apparent.  That year some lobbyists hanging out in the infamous "Bull Ring" bar in Santa Fe decided some cocktail waitress should run for the US Congress for New Mexico.  They got her to file for office.  She almost won.  Her name was Sparkle Plenty.  It was hilarious.  I wrote about this back in 2005.  I am pretty sure this is her picture.  After this debacle the whole petition process was started to make things more efficient.  Fat Chance.

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