Thursday, April 12, 2012


The ever growing scandal at the GSA, General Services Administration, in the federal government should really make everyone angry.  It certainly angers me.  And you would think the GOP was going to have a stroke over the monumental waste of money on a conference in Las Vegas for agency employees.

I wonder where all of this outrage was during the run up and operation of the Iraq war.  Why was the GOP not then pulling their hair out over Halliburton's and Blackhawk's monumental rip offs of the American taxpayer and endangerment of US Servicemen?  Well, because the profiteers were essentially the republican party backers within the defense industry.

People forget things.  I even forget what I had for dinner last night.  But I don't conveniently forget major budget disasters and the Iraq war was one of them. That bush/cheney/rumsfeld conflict has now cost the American taxpayer three trillion dollars.  And that number is still growing.  All of this when taxes for the rich were slashed and an economic meltdown ensued.  We have to remember this kind of thing.

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Abq Dude said...

It always seems that the feds, congress, and the admin on all sides never learn how to do things the right way. My son spent a year in Afghanistan as a military project engineer and tells of all the waste on projects the Afghans don't want, or that they gut when it is completed. So much for nation building when our own country could use it. Angry no. Mad as hell, yes!!