Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Someone at the NRA might want to comment on the fact that a semi truck full of military grade small arms ammunition was stopped at the border in Juarez.  The ammo was most likely headed for the violence fueled drug cartels in Mexico.  Surely, the ammo manufacturers who support the NRA should be returned their donations from this right wing organization.  It is nothing more than blood money.  Now, as my friend Rodger mentioned, what will get more attention from congress?  This story of lethal ammo or young men having sex with women in Columbia?

Of course if the money is returned then the NRA can no longer enable passage of state legislation on so called 'stand your ground' legislation that is fostered by the American Legislative Exchange Council.  That council recently had its funding pulled by major corporations because of its extreme right wing agenda.  Besides nurturing the gun nuts they also are pushing for laws that would turn over all public lands to the states.  Exxon/Mobil would use love to sink some wells in Yellowstone and Chaco Canyon don't you know.


Jerry said...

Ooops....wrong turn!

Unrepentant Gun Loving Tattooed Yuppie said...

The NRA seems to do everything it can to groom itself as the ultimate poster boy for the anti-gun movement.

It is a business who's #1 concern is making money to perpetuate itself and is happy to use outright lies in its anti-democratic propaganda to strike fear into its membership in order to raise more money not only for the NRA but also for the firearms industry as a whole.