Thursday, April 19, 2012

NRA Redux

The post about a truckload of ammo being halted at the border at Juarez is now being explained by the ammo dealer as a truck driver taking a wrong turn.  Okay,  I accept that.  But while do I feel uncomfortable that the quarter million assault rifle rounds were supposed to go to Arizona?  Who needs that much ammo except the crazies who have legislation pending to allow vigilante patrols by para military groups on the border.


Griffin said...

Jim, I agree with you on most things.

However, your cavalier use of the term "assault rifle" concerns me.

I'm very familiar with firearms and can state definitively that there is no such thing as an "assault rifle" available for the civilian market today which is functionally different than any other semi-automatic rifle.

The assault weapons ban of the late 90's, for example, had such a hard time defining what one was that it effectively only outlawed scary looking rifles. Rifles that were functionally 100% identical to those banned but didn't have a scary looking grip or stock were completely legal.

I would be very happy to take you to my club and politely demonstrate how there is no significant difference between what the media and anti-gun lobby refers to as an "assault rifle" and rifles that are not the focus of anti-gun rhetoric. We don't have to debate gun law, I'm just interested in educating you on the actual functionality. I am, of course, also happy to debate gun law too if you'd like. :)

As an open minded Democrat, and former Californian, I can definitely understand why some people are anti-gun and support their right to that opinion. However all of the focus on "assault" weapons is misplaced and frankly counter productive to the anti-gun cause. It only feeds the growing partisan divide. To firearm enthusiasts it sounds as froth-at-the-mouth-crazy as the claims by the GOP about universal healthcare being Nazi-esque do to us Democrats.

Let me know if you are interested. We have a mutual friend you've written positively about in your blog; he would be happy to vouch for me as not being a wacko and also being a dedicated Democratic.

Jim Baca said...

I am very familiar with firearms from military, sport and hunting. I have many, but I don't need a rifle designed for killing people in wartime. These firearms are pretty much useless for everything else except perhaps marksmanship. Why does anyone need a civilian market M-16 or AK-47 with a 30 round clip? Give me a good skeet gun or home protection firearm any day.