Friday, April 13, 2012

Heather's High Bidders

Former Congresswoman Heather Wilson, who was a bush/cheney war enabler, is now running for the US Senate and has put out a call to all high bidders to pour money into her treasury.  As my friend Roy pointed out this morning she let it be known that the Republicans would fund TV buys for her to the tune of $3 million dollars.  Roy said this was an alert to Super Pacs that she was open for business and the time for payback from the right wing and defense industries donors that she held hands with during her years in Congress.  She is also open for business with the oil and gas industry super pacs too.  They will naturally gravitate towards her since her likely opponent Martin Heinrich cares about environmental issues and climate change.  She will be an enabler for the fossil fuel crowd on every issue.

I wonder how long the public will tolerate these super pacs.  Have American citizens forgotten how greed can destroy their way of life?  Or will all the frustration just burst forward in one giant upheaval in the body politic?  The next few years will be interesting.


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