Wednesday, April 25, 2012


President Obama took another tiny step over the last few days when he used our country's Antiquities Act to declare a National Monument at the site of the old Fort Ord military complex in California.  It is the second time he has used his powers under that act which has been so important in protecting America's Landscapes.  He has not been courageous in its use, but this 14,000 acres of newly protected California land is a step in the right direction.  My hope is that now that he is becoming familiar with the ability to use the act that he will do so strongly in a second term.  As most Presidents, he knows little or nothing about western public lands and his White House Staff is the front line in keeping the resource exploiters happy.

This process worked the same in the Clinton administration.  But his second term was great from a public land protection standpoint.  Lets hope Obama emulates him in this regard.  I actually broke down and sent Obama some money this weekend.  There really is no alternative except to reelect him.

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Daniel R. Patterson said...

Obama admin. could also help western lands by improving conservation management on BLM monuments created by Clinton, Ironwood Nat. Mon. near Tucson, for example.