Friday, April 20, 2012

What's Next?

Maybe another Inquisition?

First, I was taught by Dominican nuns for eight years at Our Lady of Fatima's Heights Catholic School.  I remember every one of them and liked them all.  Especially Sister Madelyn Claire in the sixth grade.  She would hike up her nun's habit and play baseball with  us.  Sister Lydia taught eighth grade and was troubled and had a nervous breakdown. We all worried about her.  One day my friend Mike kept jabbing me in the back with a pencil while seated in the classroom.  I took my fountain pen, turned around and swished it at him.  The ink flew across the room and stitched right across Sister Lydia's white habit  like machine gun bullets on a windshield.  I got out of detention at 7PM that night.  It wasn't bad though because I had to stay in the convent and she kept bringing me snacks.

The Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith has now turned its sights on the few remaining nuns in America.  It seems they are not condemning enough gays to hell fire.  Or something like that.
I have a good friend who has been a nun since she graduated from high school.  She has spent her life in the third world helping the poor.  She helps women empower themselves and gives advice on family planning.  When asked why she did this when the Vatican says it is wrong she said, "Oh, the Pope, he is just a man."

She has done more good in  her lifetime than just about anyone I know.  And the enforcement arm of the church would stop it?  This church may well end up a footnote in the annals of man because they could not find leaders who can change.

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