Wednesday, October 17, 2012

36 Hours

I don't know if the new proposed UNM hospital is needed or not.  Perhaps more information is required, although having to wait up to 36 hours in the emergency room before being sent up to a room in the hospital seems outrageous and hardly therapuetic.  But, that  seems to mean little to the Governor's handpicked Board of Finance right now.  This is all caused by poor people who don't have insurance after all.  Poor American people that is.  The Martinez minions just want to wait to see if the nation's new health care plan is repealed.  Stop and think about this logic.  They base this on Romney's promise to repeal this legislation.  Except only congress can really do that and that is unlikely.  Even critics are starting to see the good in this new law.

So, the logic seems to be that it is okay that poor people are denied health care.  Shoulder to Shoulder in the E.R. is fine for them.  Don't build a hospital that would care for them, right?  I am pretty sure all members of the Board of Finance have health insurance, so why should they give a damn?  It is kind of like Romney's complete lack of knowledge on the struggles of the lower and middle class in the nation.

I thought Obama ran away with the debate last night.  I am glad he seemed angry at Romney's inane generalities.  I think Obama shored up his base last night after they were disillusioned with his last performance.  Romney certainly showed his fealty to the fossil fuels crowd while Obama spent some time talking about future renewable energy production.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

I heard parts of the debate while I was driving. Every time Romney said something Obama said "That's not true." Every time I almost ran off the road.

When I heard him talk about renewables it was in his typically cautious way. He said it had to be a part of our strategy along with oil and gas.

He looks for openings and proceeds cautiously, in a lot of things. I have heard it put that he won't go beyond where the electorate is. He's very pragmatic.

To expect more in the way of leadership might be expecting too much. That's how he's cut out, perhaps. Being the first Black president, his conscious conception of that, may have something to do with it.

But he is always alone, it seems to me. Democratic legislators are not there at his side when he talks about things. Every time the Republicans come out against something there are senators and congress members crowing to get in the picture frame.

Hopefully we'll see Sen Martin Heinrich at pres conferences where solar panel farms are being put into service. Hopefully he'll use the potential that office has to further other causes. Hopefully he won't be almost invisible his whole tenure as the last Democratic senator was, just wasting all that potential.

Before I even knew where New Mexico was I knew who Pete Domenici was. At one time, he was on TV often, pushing the conservative agenda on all kinds of fronts. Of course, before I knew where New Mexico was I had an extreme distaste for Pete Domenici, but you have to admit that he played a big part in moving the conservative agenda forward. He made good use of that office in that regard.

It's one of the reasons we are where we are, far removed from the days when the American Middle Class was the envy of the world, the days before corporations ruled America with unchallenged power.

What about it, Martin Heinrich?