Thursday, October 18, 2012


Every morning our radio goes on at 5am for the start of the NPR newscast.  But, this morning the dam burst.  I just couldn't take it any more.  Listening to Romney and Obama news and the 40th hour of the debate rehash almost made me nauseous.  I told Bobbi to turn it off.  I was wanting to hear something other that this endless campaign crap.  Anything would do really, even country western music which I have always thought sounded like dying cats.(making more enemies here I suppose.)  I mean every country western song sounds like the last one, over and over, like the campaign crap but at least there are some women singing some of them.

The corporate bosses would always fight any attempt to shorten our campaigns because they know that their money would have less impact.  How else can one explain the ascension of people like bush/cheney and romney/ryan into national leadership contention.  But these two year long campaigns drive a wedge into America with the constant attacking, lying and propagandizing.  It just needs to end.  

When couples in bad marriages get tired of the constant combat they usually end it by divorce.  Thats what we need to do as a nation.  Divorce ourselves from long and damaging campaigns.  Lets cut them down to about 6 months maximum to shore up American unity.  


Bubba Muntzer said...

NPR is conducting a fund drive at the moment, too. They are no doubt seeing a big spike in listeners so are hitting them up for a few bucks, like the rest of the media.

But I listen to NPR news a couple hours every morning, when I'm coming in to Albuquerque from Holbrook, and I listen when they channel the BBC at night on my way out to Holbrook. So this morning I said to myself, I use their services quite a bit, so I guess when I get home I'll go online and contribute some money to them.

But just then, as luck would have it, their Steve Inskeep interviewed the former governor of Pennsylvania, who is making his living these as the head of some outfit that's trying to destroy Social Security. Inskeep let this guy, I think his name is Bozo Rendell Perpetual Leech On Society, sit there and perpetuate the myths that Social Security is broke and that it has something to do with the federal budget deficit, and Inskeep did not, as the ethics of his profession and common human decency require of him, inform the listeners that these are vicious lies endlessly repeated by the people from Wall Street who want to get their hands on that big Social Security trust fund, and by the people from the Republican Party, and some in the Democratic Party, who never liked the idea of working class people retiring with dignity and think we should go back to the days when close to half of seniors in this country lived in poverty.

So I'm holding on to my money and instead I'm going down to the animal shelter and rescue a cat and prevent a country and western song from being born.

Bubba Muntzer said...

By the way, I should have stipulated that people like Ed Rendell, the former Republican governor of Pennsylvania, who get elected to public office not to serve the people but to serve the interests of rich people, and rail against government while they cash their government paychecks and then go on to cash many nice public government retirement pension paychecks, and then go on to head up some outfit that runs on donations that works to undermine government, these are the leeches. They don't serve the people. They harm the people while living off the people. Thy don't add anything and are leeches in that regard.

I've written about public sector employees, so called. These Republicans who criticize government because it pays too many people conveniently forget or deliberately misrepresent how government came into being, which was because people had a need for certain services and got together and decided to all chip in to pay for them. They characterize government as if it exists as an end unto itself, and the loudest complainers have never been involved in any government meetings and seen how hard it is to get a budget item through that process, and the ones who have, Republican politicians, are liars and hypocrites. There's nothing government does that we the people do not want done.

I also might have mentioned that Social Security, the most popular and well run and cost effective government program, is Socialism. That's why conservatives hate it, and why they hate Medicare and Medicaid and Aid To Families With Dependent Children and all our other Socialist programs.

ArnoldMusgrove said...

Amen Bubba. Amen. This infiltration of American society by the have-it-both-ways leeches even gets into our permanent record of our history. For example, Wikipedia (don't get me started on that fraud of the everyone-for-himself craze) has the audacity to distort the public record on this Rendell you're talking about. They say he's a DEMOCRAT! Can you believe that? How crazy do they think we are?

Bubba Muntzer said...

You are correct, Arnold, Ed Rendell is a Democrat, so it's even worse than what I said.

I keep saying you can't trust this current batch of Democrats to keep Social Security safe from Wall Street. President Obama is a prime example. He always says he'll defend it, but he has several times now put it "on the table." He loaded his Simpson-Bowles debt reduction commission with people who favor privatizing it, and during those debt ceiling limit debates he inexplicably put it on the table again.

In the debate the other night he said he and Romney have the same view on it.

The thing that's scary is this. When Republicans try to do anything particularly draconian there's a big uproar among progressives. George W Bush was going to spend his "political capital" after being re-elected by going after Social Security and union members and groups on the Left got together and put a stop to it, but these same groups sit on their hands when it's the Democrats doing something, like attacking Libya for example or making outlandish claims about Social Security going broke. People on the radical Left fringes like me can scream bloody murder all day long be we are irrelevant because the general public is unaware of us and because of that politicians don't have to pay us any heed.