Wednesday, October 03, 2012


It is still a mystery to me why the local media has not covered in any detail the the appointment of former NM Secretary of the Environment Ron Curry as the new leader of the EPA's Region Six office.  Today the Albuquerque Journal did a headline story on the proposed solution to the problem of the San Juan coal fired power plant in which two of the units there will be shut down.  Most of this was brought about by the EPA's insistence that something be done about the pollution coming from those old technology generating units.  (This might be a good compromise on the problem.)

Add to that issue the EPA's influence on water, oil, gas, and other environmental problems and Region Six looms large in protecting our landscapes and watersheds.  And yet, the fact that a well respected New Mexican now has that job goes relatively under reported.  One wonders if the fossil fuel boys have so much influence that they manage to squelch the story that they will have a new and honest regulator to deal with.

We were munching burritos this morning and wondering what the real story was behind the secretive deal at NMSU over the firing(?) of the President there.  One of us opined that it probably had something to do with the schools lack of membership in an athletic conference.  Could be, but there just has to be more to that story.

The story that the ex Governor of Santa Ana Pueblo, Bruce Sanchez, and Santa Fe Realtor Tom Keesing have been indicted on ripping off almost $3 million from the All Indian Pueblo Council is a juicy morsel.  One time Keesing, a long time political operative in Santa Fe, interviewed me on a Santa Fe christian fundamentalist TV station.  He insisted we say a little prayer at the beginning of the show.  I just bowed my head.  Maybe he was praying that he never get caught stealing.

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