Friday, October 12, 2012

I Voted

Now, all that special interest money that will be spent in the next few weeks will have no influence on me.  If it ever did.  I voted early because of upcoming knee surgery.  I sat there and blacked out every single oval on the ballot that was for a democrat.  I could have saved a few minutes by just inking in a straight ticket, but the Governor and Secretary of state unilaterally decided that wasn't allowed any longer after decades of the choice being on the ballot.  They made this voter suppression move several months ago and the democratic party just got around to filing suit yesterday.  Why the wait?  Was there some grand strategy?  Anyone want to clue us in?

I managed to sit through the VP debate last night.  Biden took the kid to the wood shed and now the GOP spinmeisters are saying Biden is  unhinged.  The thing I liked most about that woodshed was when Biden put Ryan in the bent over position by saying that the GOP put two wars on a credit card while cutting revenues.  Priceless!

And I marveled at how far Martin Heinrich has come in his presence and ability to orate.  His debate with Heather Wilson, who signed that credit card that Biden talked about when she was in congress, was great.  He is on his way to the Senate.

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Donald F. Schiff said...

I was shocked and appalled to learn that DPNM just now filed suit over the straight party bubble after voting has already started. This is incompetence and political grandstanding by DPNM Chairman Javier Gonzales and Executive Director Scott Forester at its worst. Puhleeze!! Gonzales is an attorney for goodness' sakes. He should know better to file suit after the appropriate remedy is impossible to achieve.

We need to get rid of these bozos ASAP. I could do a better job myself, and I am nowhere near qualified for the job, especially as a fundraiser. We're even paying the chairman for the first time in history.