Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ponder on the Course

I only have a few games of golf left in these knees before I get them replaced.  Today I will play and ponder out on the course the story by Leslie Lithicum in the Journal today about voters in the oil patch. They say Obama is a Muslim.  That he is a socialist.  That he is godless.  Why don't they just say the real reason they don't like him?  This his skin is black.

I had to chuckle about their problems with socialism and big government.  Everyone in that south eastern part of the state makes their living or are subsidized by the government.  Think subsidized grazing fees.  Think cheap oil and gas from federal and state lands.  Think social security for all of their seniors.  etc. etc.

And as a friend of mine reminded me,

"And I am amazed by the energy debate.  The fossil energy industry says Americans shouldn't subsidize renewables (but what about the $100 billion-plus America spends to protect oil around the world?) and that people will never accept higher electricity bills to pay for clean energy (but what about the 1000% increase in oil prices in the past 12 years?)."  

I will also ponder on the course the fact that the NRA has stabbed Martin Heinrich in the back and endorsed his opponent.  What could he expect?   They are not really a gun rights organization.  They are an extreme right wing cabal.  Now, Martin you need to understand it is much more than it seems.  As I am sure you do this morning.


Bubba Muntzer said...

That's an interesting take on the NRA. I think you're on to something. I recently heard about them ditching one longstanding congressman for a new one down south somewhere, supposedly because the old one wasn't pro gun enough. But the new one was a tea bagger, i.e., fanatical about redistributing wealth upward.

If you consider, too, that the NRA isn't really a club for gun owners and good old boy hunters and so forth, but is a front for the weapons industry, which provides most of its funding, it makes sense. Those guys don't care about gun rights, they care about profits.

President Obama made an effort to make his re-election campaign about government being the way in which we help each other out, according to a new book out book by David Corn. Corn says Obama saw the opening when the tea baggers overstepped during those debt ceiling limit debates.

Democrats as whole however have failed miserably to make this case, and they have to be forced into it by we the people, since Democrats are so deathly afraid of corporations and the NRA and so forth, and so I'm glad you're dropping the hint. You're written about this before, too, the subsidies everybody gets, not just the 47 percent.

Glad to see you're getting your surgery done and hope that goes well. Can't wait to see you back out on the soccer field again.

Rodney said...

You are dead on regarding those racist %~@&$ in "the oil patch". Muslim, socialist, communist, foreignor, they're all code for the word they know they can't use even though they feel it. I've got relatives in that area, they just happen to live east of the state line. None of them see the man Barack Obama. When they see him, they don't see the duly elected POTUS, they don't see a Harvard Law educated Constitutional Scholar who was editor of the Harvard Law Review, a man elected by his constituants to the US Senate. All they see is a ni@@er and that's what they call him, and that is the word all those idiots quoted in the Urinal call him when they're amongst themselves.