Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hiding in Plain Sight

Governor Martinez is turning out to be a master of hiding in plain sight.  At least when it comes to what she and her administration might stand for.  Of course we know beating up on immigrant families is the public face of her rightwing inspired rule so far.  That gets people's blood running hot.  A wedge issue.  But as I watched and thought about politics during the  Presidential debate last night I realized that Martinez has still not put a real face on to her tenure as Governor.  She is just there.

It is a smart way to do things these days.  Have  you ever noticed that the most long lived politicians never really stand out for pushing a program?  Of course there are some exceptions.  Governor Jack Campbell years ago left us the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.  Governor Bruce King left us the Severance Tax Permanent Fund that finances public works.   Bill Richardson was around a long time even though he pursued projects like the Space Port and Rail Runner.  Can anyone think of such projects under the Martinez administration?  Something that will be around a long time to serve New Mexicans?

It  is somewhat  like Gary Johnson some years back.  I can't think of one thing he left behind after being  Governor for eight years.  Yes, he did talk about a sane drug policy but little came of it.  And so he will in the end be one of those forgotten quirky pols.  That is where Martinez will end up and it is sad.  She is squandering a chance at remembrance by listening to the extreme right wing.  Deep down I don't even think she believes in that stuff.  And given her humble beginnings, if she does believe it, it is very sad.


Vicki said...

I thought she was for getting rid of things, not making them, e.g. jet planes, driver's licenses,politicians, regulations...

Rodney said...

The only lasting sign of the Johnson administration is a 4 lane highway from Bernalillo to Bloomfield. Of course, the financing and "warranty" on the road were highly questionable, but at least not as many people die driving that highway as used to.

Bubba Muntzer said...

"Y M C A"

I know, it's an obscure reference, but at Village People concerts the people would stand up and form the letters Y, M, C, A, with their hands over their heads and sing along when the group did their big hit YMCA.

That's how they made the A, the way Susana's doing it.

The Village People were a singing group who dressed in different gay persona, for anyone who is still reading and doesn't know what I'm talking about. Another big hit was Macho Man.

Macho macho man
I've got to be
A macho man

Drill for gas and oil
Foul up the air
All we can

Buy me buy me lunch
I might become
A Republican

Anonymous said...

I heard Gov Johnson's first topic on the weekly cabinet meeting was how many fewer state employees were on the state payroll from the week before.

As for Martinez, she needs to tread lightly on issues important to dems like PERA, and avoid being seen to much with Mr. Romnesia.