Saturday, October 20, 2012

Religion Again

We went and saw the movie Argo.  Many scenes contain a background of newscasts in 1979 and the chaos caused by the Iranian revolution in the Middle East.  Nothing has changed.  One could just edit those newscast scripts with different names and places and the stories would be the same.  It is all insanity and we should leave them alone to sort it out.  But we won't because of the fossil fuel boys and  our national warrior tradition.

Then someone would say that we can't let young girls like the Afghani who was shot in the head, for the good of Allah, for wanting an education go unsupported by this country.  But at the same time in the U.S.A. the GOP and religious right are assaulting women's ability to chart their own course of healthcare.  Maybe we should fix things here first?  It is all fundamentalist religious posturing.  Christians and Moslems working together to persecute women.  Romney and Billy Graham burying the hatchet in the name of repressing independent women.

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ArnoldMusgrove said...

Jim, I couldn’t agree with you more. Whether it’s a bullet in the head or denial of subsidies for birth control or binders full of women it’s all morally equivalent. Diane Rehm pegged it on her show recently when she traced Romney’s seeming insensitivity to women to his religion, Mormonism. I sometimes wonder how many Mrs. Romneys there really are. Will we ever know? Keep up the good work.