Friday, October 05, 2012

Mitt Pong

Bobbi has always thought I am an early adopter.  I always buy the original technology at an inflated price.  One of my first ever digital purchases was the Atari Pong game.  The year was 1975 or so and I brought the game home and hooked it up to the old tube TV.

It was back and forth, back and forth in black and white as we played ping pong with little controllers.  It was real Neandrethal stuff, but it entertained us in a new and weird way.

I bring this up because we are getting a new version of this almost 40 years later.  Mitt Romney is giving it to us with his back and forth, back and forth changing of his position on the issues and political philosophy.  First he is a moderate republican, then he is an extreme right wing nut, now he is back to being kinder and gentler.  The real problem here is that he is doing all this not out of his own personal choices but because the political handlers in his life just stick a new program into him and he automatically regurgitates it out to the public.  Does he have any real convictions?  Maybe that 47% number that got him in so much trouble is really the stat for how often he changes his position on any one issue.

And, the last time I checked the Electoral vote map the news is still bad for Romney, even after a lackluster debate performance by Obama.  Obama is really in good shape there.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Precisely. I even see a story today where he says his comments dissing 47 percent of Americans were "completely wrong."

In another bizarre twist I see where conservatives are finally embracing Romney because of his belligerent and fact deficient debate performance, during which he sold them all down the river by jettisoning their most cherished policies.

Oh well, as you say, the electoral map has Obama comfortably ahead, even Rasmussen's, the one known to slant its results toward Republicans, which still considers a state in play until Obama is more than 10 points ahead, and in a few more days Pong will have to go back to his former life as a character in an Archie comic book.