Friday, October 26, 2012

The Good and the Bad

Watching the news on KRQE last night was a chore and a bore except for Larry Barker, investigative reporter, going after a corporation instead of some low level public employee.  But before I watched that report I had to endure multiple police department provided videos of non news events including a stolen truck filmed from a chopper.  It is like the news directors have discovered a way of cutting back on staff by having the law enforcement agencies turn over highly unwatchable and low quality videos.  This of course saves the bottom line station manager from having to spend money on HIDEF video cameras and the professionals who operate them.

Larry Barker went out after a rip off insurance company that takes state employee premiums and then refuses to pay off death benefit claims for deceased employees families.  I really can't remember the last time a reporter did something of this nature on New Mexico TV.  My hat is off to Barker on this one, but why did he not interview the Governor on what she proposed to do about the situation?  Maybe she refused in order to take herself out of having to say something bad about American corporations.  The name of the corporation is the Standard Insurance Company which is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

So does this constitute fraud or not? He had a lawyer right there so what's the answer? What does Oregon law say? New Mexico law? It's interstate commerce so what does the US attorney have to say about it?

Even if it's not legally fraud what's the state's responsibility? It's nice that he got a state employee to say they'd pay it out, but I never see any followup from this kind of report, which is designed mainly to sell cars at Albuquerque car dealerships.

The state contracts with these people, lets them pitch you when you hire on, and then all year long thereafter, and they do the payroll deduction. You're right, the governor should be on camera answering questions about why this company s still allowed to do business with the state, why any of those vultures are. The state could be providing that insurance itself.

But I agree with your overall point. This is definitely a step in the right direction. This is a vast improvement over 25 loops of video of a city bus driver spitting out the window or whatever.