Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The Politics of Bullying

Here is how bullying works.  The bully finds someone who is easy pickings.  It can be demonstrated in this new hilarious commercial by the Obama campaign.  It might win Obama the race.

Bullying is alive and well in New Mexico in the Governor's office.  Recent allegations of battery upon an APS female lobbyist by the Guv's Chief of Staff is one example.  The Guv's political henchman Jay McClesky is now specializing in attacking female democratic candidates via huge expenditures of cash garnered from the oil and gas industry.  Although, if these female candidates win they wont be easy pickings at all.  Maybe all them could corner the Chief of Staff at  once in the Capitol hallways and give him some comeuppance.  And of course there is those Governor's appointees and staff who have had domestic violence charges and convictions.  Yes, bullying is alive and well in the state's capitol all while the Governor enjoys her high favorability ratings on the issue of bullying immigrants.


Susana said...

Sounds like the way Bill Richardson bullied his political opponents. What's new?

Anonymous said...

I was just going to say the same thing about Richardson - his political goons pushing hard working public servants out the door to give his own supporters jobs.