Monday, October 15, 2012


More beating up of the public servant in the Journal this morning.  More lamenting of the fact that they get more retirement benefits than the average worker.  Why is that?  Well, because our GOP elite have so emasculated the private sector American Worker that they have no retirement benefits left.  That is what makes government workers look so fat and happy.

So in the GOP's eagerness to destroy the middle class they have decided to also destroy the retirement benefits of those in government service.  And so many Americans have signed on to this madness.  Instead of trying to screw pensions for government workers why don't they organize and reset the bar for higher benefits for them selves?  This is a sign of a breakdown in our American workers unity.  All brought to us by greedy Tea Party types.

Martin Heinrich looks to be our next US Senator.  His nine point lead in the Research and Polling Poll today looks insurmountable for Heather Wilson.   I predict he will quickly be the goto guy for help in DC by all New Mexicans.  Senator Udall's poor staff and his reluctance to lead on hard issues will elevate a go getter like Heinrich.  Don't get me wrong.  I like Udall and have known him for years.  But he is more than a little bit invisible and unavailable.

Obama's lead in New Mexico is inspiring.  Our state on all of the political maps is this little spot of blue in a sea of red madness.  We can hope for Colorado.  The Obama campaign had real effective leadership in the last campaign there in the work of Ray Rivera.  They could use him there now, but after a time working at the Interior department Ray wandered off to other things.  The Interior department has not exactly been a beacon of reform and progress on public land issues.  


Rodney said...

I hope you're right about regular people continuing to have access to Martin. The huge difference between being a Congressman and being a Senator (other than of course the size of their constituency), is that a Senate term is 6 years as opposed to 2. Having to essentially begin campaigning for re-election the day after they're sworn in forces members of Congress to maintain connection, whereas a Senator CAN disappear for 4 years before ramping up for re-election campaigning.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rodney. Tom Udall is a great guy but out of touch and he remains out of touch because he lives in a cocoon held tight by his staff. That was, as I recall, one of President Obama's early criticisms of the inner workins of D.C. Still, Martin is better than Heather who has been out of touch for many years -- going back to her CYFD leadership days. I don't recall anyone asking her about the missing files in this campaign.