Tuesday, October 02, 2012


The University President revolving door continues in New Mexico.  The latest to bite the dust is NMSU's Barbara Couture.  The only news the media has been able to ferret out about it is that she will get a $450K severance package.  It is sad that we can't find out from our media what really happened.  But that would take perseverance and work.  It is easier to get police dash cam video and tapes and run inane stories around them than do real the real job of journalism.

Here is one followup the media could do as mentioned by my friend Roy.  Why not go pay a visit to the NM Tech President Dan Lopez and his board of Regents to see how they do things vis a vis UNM and NMSU?  What is the formula there at Tech for stability and team work?  Could it be applied to the other larger schools.  Revolving doors at major institutions are now common and in my opinion mostly caused by the Regents meddling in day to day operations instead of watching over the big picture.

But maybe this case is different.  Will we ever know?  Probably, but only when it is an old story and the staleness will put it on the bottom of the pile.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you posted. In today's Journal (why I bother to read it, I just don't know), they had a "story" on page C2 about a defamation complaint against the newspaper by a reserve officer they called "wannabe cop". I hope that reserve officer gets something for his trouble. As for NMSU, why don't they give the position to Garrey Carruthers? He knows how to play their games and he has been around for a while. Good GOPer, too.