Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kneecapping Time

My search for matching a surgeon with my insurance has been instructive.  I am covered under Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NM through Bobbi's workplace at the Forest Service.  My secondary insurance is Medicare.  The first surgeon I went to see is highly recommended.  But he only does surgery at Presbyterian Hospital.  Presbyterian wont work with Blue Cross insurance because really they are now their own insurance company....and a health care provider.....and like all insurance companies they care only about money.   So, I found another really good surgeon who does his magic at Lovelace.  Now, we learn that the new owners of Lovelace and the two hundred or so doctors at ABQ Health Partners can't reach agreement to work together.  Yeah, it is a fight over money.  Not peoples health.  This latest news was announced Tuesday afternoon just as my appointment ended and my surgery was scheduled for knee replacement. Thousands of New Mexicans with Lovelace insurance will need to find new doctors, new insurance, or pay out of their own pockets for life saving care. Luckily, I won't be affected by this latest tribute to Corporate Insurance crimes against Americans.  Or so I am led to believe.

And now we find that some mystery group who don't want to be identified are behind a move to kill an addition to the UNMH hospital complex.  Could it be the other hospitals in the region?  Why don't they just come out and say what they feel instead of lurking in the shadows.  If their reasoning is good then we might agree.

Now,  we need to take these insurance CEO's and Boards out for some surgery on their knees to see if they like the 'out of plan services' we consumers can provide.  (insert evil laugh here)


Rodney said...

My buddy had knee replacement surgery last year. The surgeon was Joshua Carruthers or Carouthers with New Mexico Orthopaedics. He's associated with Pres but did the surgery at Heart Hospital to accommodate Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Sounds as convoluted as your problem, maybe this will help?

Anonymous said...

Dr. McInnerny of Lovelace did my rt knee 12/06 and my left 7/11. Now I am going to have to scramble to find a new insurance company after 20 years w/Lovelace-ABQ Partners - whatever they are now! Blue Cross/Blue Shield here I come w/my Medicare self to you!