Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Both Martin Heinrich and Heather Wilson released polls this week that showed the independent Tea Party guy, named Barrie,  with as much as 9% of the vote in that Senate race.  Now, I would certainly say that is a lot of potential votes.  Maybe it is time that all the polling firms start including that independent candidate's name in their polls.  Even if no one knows who he is, if he is mustering that much of a percentage then it could affect the race one way or another.  This candidate is supposedly right wing.  Does that mean he takes more votes from Heather or Martin?  I am betting his stealth candidacy probably is hurt Wilson's chances much more.  It would be nice to see the polls enlighten us.

On the national scene we keep reading that the Presidential race is close.  That might be true, but meaningless.  The only thing that counts is the electoral vote and I am predicting that Obama will get over 300.  270 would win it.  

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Donald F. Schiff said...

Those polls are whack. No-name candidates get 1% or less, no matter what those polls say. In the case of ultra-conservative Barrie, probably less, all people from the far right of the Republican party who don't like Heather Weasel because she isn't conservative enough for their taste.

Even Gary Johnson won't break the 5% mark the Libertarians need for major party status, and he's well known in NM! I'd love to see it, but there's just no way. My guess is less than 4%.