Thursday, January 17, 2013

2nd Amendment Jihadists

Charlie Domenici of Charlie's Sporting Goods said in the Journal this morning that this isn't a free country anymore because the President wants stronger gun control laws.  Charlie, whose store I frequented many years ago thinks any changes aren't good.  At that time you could wander through the store and not see any assault rifles for sale.  Just some WWII surplus carbines and M-1 Garands maybe. He can't seriously believe that stronger back ground checks and not selling to the mentally ill infringe on his freedoms does he?  Well, he is just following the nonsense that abounds in this country when you have a Governor like Susannah Martines who espouses stronger controls on issuance of drivers licenses than assault rifles.

The gun lobby is beginning to remind me of Islamic Jihadists in their fervor and hate of anyone who supports gun control.  They will give no quarter.  Only their one true god, the assault rifle, commands their every move.  It is downright frightening.  And then their NRA, the Al Qaeda of the movement, does anti gun control TV commercials showing the daughters of the President.  This is really sick.  Now they might be in real trouble with the first lady.

Yeah, post is a little over the top.  But so are the NRA and their minions.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I don't think the post is over the top at all, although I may not be known for my moderation.

But, it seems to me, we are lurching now from one polarized public spectacle to another -- the election, the renewed war on women, the fiscal debates, and now this with the right to keep and bear the machinery of death, interspersed with mass shootings, talk of secession and various outrageous charges and behaviors, and in the background, increasingly drastic weather, economic hardship and anxiety and worries about a less prosperous future.

We are living through, or entering, interesting times, and Second Amendment Jihadists is an excellent term in that it provides a good way of thinking about human behavior, of gun advocates certainly, and maybe for sorting out what is happening overall, a kind of loosening of rationality, a drifting from the moorings.

You don't want to contribute to that, but is pointing it out contributing to it?

Another way of putting it is, do you pretend it's not happening, and you can list historic examples of what happens when people do that.

Vicki said...

"Second Amendment Jihadists" is perfect - I read that guy's hate comments and it boiled my blood, but then I think that was the purpose in publishing it. I think these guys are on the wain though as more sensible people are rejecting the NRA's campaign - still I worry about the President and his family's safety from these gun-loving Jihadists. If they successfully got to Obama and Biden (say at the Inaugeration), do you know Boehner would be President? I believe that is something some on the Right are well aware of. The polarity and hatred in this society is scary.