Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Honestly, does the Governor and her rightwing handlers have mush for brains?  As I recall Susanna got a lot of state government workers to vote for her.  But now in some sort of twisted logic she is turning the possibility of a pay raise for state employees into something about small business.  She says small business does more with less and so public service employees should go just go screw so many words.

Last time I checked if a state employee, or any employee, has more income then they will spend more and those small businesses will do well.  But, it seems that this administration is somewhere in Gary Johnson's La La land when it comes to basic economics.  Martinez just shrugs over the possible loss of federal jobs.  Shouldn't she be traveling to Washington every ten days to make sure our federal facilities keep jobs for New Mexicans?  Has she ever done this?  If she is the GOP's right wing Latina sweetheart, wouldn't they work with her on saving these jobs?

Frankly,  she is just over her head and has no clue what to do, but wait!  There is always those immigrants drivers licenses to take away.  That can keep her busy while we melt.


Anonymous said...

Very true and given the climate of the Albuquerque MSA Berry's failures are probably even higher since what happens here affects the rest of the state....

Anonymous said...

Even worse, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics asserts that Albuquerque was the #1 city for JOB LOSSES in 2012. Over 4000 jobs lost.