Thursday, January 10, 2013

Self Preservation

The Governor had some self preservation genes kick in and has wisely accepted Medicaid expansion in the State.  She must know that as the state continues to hemmorage jobs that healthcare access will indeed become more serious.

And the news that the Albuquerque Metro area continues to lose jobs can not be ignored for both her and Mayor Berry's reelection campaigns.  As I read the story in the Journal the largest metro decrease in jobs occurred in Albuquerque.  3,900 jobs!  Not good at all.  And of course this news story has no comments from the Governor or the Mayor.  They are republicans after all .  Why should they be contacted?

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Anonymous said...

I cannot even express the amount of disgust I have for Berry, Susana, and the cabal of right wing whackos running this state into a ditch they have done such a poor job they should be investigated for malfeasance because only an agenda to do this bad is possible. But they sure know how to take care of their friends and cover up!!!