Friday, January 11, 2013

The Lines

I thought Governor Martinez liked to go hand out Pizza to people who had to stand in lines.  Well, voter lines anyway.   I wonder where she was yesterday as 800 folks stood in line to vie for 200 jobs at the new Target Store.  Not exactly high paying jobs....but something at least.   Oh, standing in applicant lines means she might get asked questions on her job creation efforts.  She wouldn't want that.

Maybe the Chamber of Commerce folks in Albuquerque could help.  Is it my imagination or have they been entirely invisible during this job meltdown in New Mexico and Albuquerque?  A friend of mine said yesterday that there are no leaders left in our business community who could gather round all the movers and shakers and get things rolling.  The Larry Willards, Bob Hoffmans, and Chuck Lanier types no longer exist in the Duke City.  And without active involvement of the Mayor and City Council to get things moving then we stagnate.

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work of letting people know just how bad Albuquerque's economy is. It seems no one around here cares about anything but guns.

What they don't realize is if our economy doesn't get better, and if Kirtland and Sandia get cut, Albuquerque will be in big trouble and none of us will have a job to buy a gun.

From being the worst town in America in job losses, to a police department being investigated by the DOJ and a city attorney's office that seems very cozy with several local attorneys (and who keep making judges mad at them for their courtroom behavior) Albuquerque is in deep trouble under R G Berry.

Are you up for another run as mayor?