Friday, January 25, 2013

Internet Gone Wild

Yesterday I got several emails from folks saying the Land of Enchantment had a bad day after the introduction of a bill by Representative Cathryn Brown that seemed to say a woman could not have an abortion after rape or incest because it would destroy the fetus, which was evidence.  This went viral on the internet and will be there forever it seems.  One friend called from Tucson this morning saying Arizonans are pointing to NM as being crazier than they are.

After watching Rep. Brown explain that she did a bad job of reading the poorly drafted bill and that it was not what she intended at all, I think I do believe her.  She said the bill was meant to make it a crime for the perpetrator to coerce a woman to have an abortion to get rid of evidence.  But, it is probably too late for that apology and contrition.  It will be interesting to see if everyone from Huff Post on down will run this followup.

And here for the laugh of the week is something sent to me by my friend Ned.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I've seen it reported after something like this happens that Republicans from all over the country reflexively rush to send campaign donations to their new hero, like when Jan Brewer shook her finger at President Obama or when Joe Wilson shouted "You lie!" during Obama's state of the union speech. I wonder how much Ms Brown took in and how surprised people were when they found out they wasted their money.

Anonymous said...

It was a clownfest in Santa Fe this week. Let's hope next week is actually productive.

Dogs rule!

Dan Klein said...

We should review all the stupid bills being produced in Santa Fe right now and all of those that do not directly deal with our economy should be dismissed by the Speaker of the House and the Leader in the Senate. Our "citizen" legislators and governor need a firm message sent to them that New Mexico is in deep economic trouble and we do not have time to waste on stupid pet issues.

Anonymous said...

Dogs do not like to be patted on their eyes, and this proves it.