Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Please, Oh Please

Dear Legislators and Governor,

Please, Please!  There are 113 of you in this session.  Would it be possible to get one original idea on how to help our job situation in New Mexico?  Surely, 113 of you could come up with just one idea in 60 days that would help all New Mexicans.  We surely cant depend on the Media to do this because they are to busy reporting on the fight for control of the Senate.  That really doesn't mean spit to almost all of us.  What might be meaningful is for a bill that would set up a lobbying effort to protect our state's federal jobs.  You know, the decent salaries that keep us afloat.

Actually, just any innovative thing that moves the Land of Enchantment forward would be most welcome.  I know you can do it if you really try.

Jim Baca

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