Monday, January 21, 2013


Another massacre, this one in our midst.  A son kills his family members with an assault rifle.  More children dead.  A father who was respected as a Pastor and Chaplain.  He owned guns and didn't keep them in a gun safe in a home with ten children.  Phenomenal and tragic.

We sat around yesterday and wondered why the Albuquerque Journal, who covered the tragedy well, and the rest of the media has never brought the Governor in for an interview on gun violence.  Or the Mayor.  I saw the Governor on TV last night pressing for more tough laws on sexual predators, but once again no one asked her about gun control.  Why does she get a 'bye'?  Every time she doesn't want to make comments her staff says she is unavailable.  She is a coward on the tough stuff.

And why has Mayor Berry not joined the U.S. Conference of Mayors group who are calling for more sane gun control?  Why hasn't he been questioned about gun control?

Shoddy and partisan journalism is the reason why.


rita said...

We the people have to demand more on gun control, and we have to get everyone we know to stand up and be counted. Last week Tom Udall said his mail is running 10 to 1 against gun control measures. He begged his audience to send him letters to counter this, but was not confident we would do it. Maybe you can get your audience to get motivated and contact their representatives as all levels.

Bubba Muntzer said...

What with Dr King's holiday coinciding with the inauguration I've been enjoying hearing Dr Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream Speech. You know the one: "I have a dream, but my mail is running 10 to 1 against equal rights for my people."

Why do we elect such ineffective politicians in this state? I was complaining about this guy a week ago. He takes a position on nothing unless it's safe, leads on nothing.

His mail is running 10 to 1 against him because he sits in his office and never engages in the war of ideas, just like his cohorts do.

On Facebook, the people are coming with all kinds of good arguments for gun control and against the Republican-NRA line, such as: Why is it that Republicans think gun control laws won't prevent killings, but they think outlawing abortion will prevent abortions?

Of course that's as far as it gets. They, unlike our elected officials, don't have access to the mass media. They can't send out free mass mailings to their whole districts. They can't write op-eds, hold press conferences, make speeches. Udall and the rest of them can, and don't.

Why? As near as I can tell, they've got what they want, that fancy title. They saw how Bingaman did it. Keep your head down, raise enough money, keep the people who run the party feeling good about knowing you and you've got a nice long career as a big shot.

Maybe the problem is with the party. With that, with all of it, Rita is on target. It's us. We could change all of it. We could have elected officials who represent our interests and who won't be up there gutting Social Security and giving tax breaks to the rich which by the way, that fiscal cliff deal they gave the Republicans, that so-called victory, was just one more big giveaway to the rich. They made out nice on that deal, such as, the estate tax was allowed to expire. And that's not a death tax. That's money that's been hidden in trusts and offshore and is being taxed for the very first time. That's why it was there, and letting it expire was worth many, many millions to them, but of course you'd never know that if all you do is listen to Republicans and the media and our Democrats.

We really need to quit letting these people go up there and have a free ride. Either they do what's necessary to serve our interests or we get somebody who will.

And yes, there are people around here who will stand up for what's right in politics, even if they have to pay a price for it, and you know who I'm talking about. They write blogs now and take pictures and play golf.

Anonymous said...

Could you imagine what the paper would have done if a Democrat were in either the mayor's or governor's office? Disgraceful reporting. This place is being driven into a ditch and most of the main media people just act as cheerleaders for two buffoons holding the two most powerful positions in the state. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

But he is nice? I heard someone say they liked Berry because he doesn't talk too much. For some odd reason, the public is not linking him with APD. I don't think Dinelli can counter Berry's popularity.

Anonymous said...

That's what's so ironic, Berry is not nice. He's very vindictive and kinda nasty in reality. He expressed total disdain for his own city employees recently. I can appreciate him following the typical Republican mantra of "Unions Bad" but denigrating your own employees in saying you could careless how they feel about you? Hardly leadership material.