Friday, January 11, 2013


I see where the Albuquerque Police Department has suckered the press into showing another video of them catching car thieves after they take a 'bait car'.  It is very easy for them to show themselves in a positive light with a media that pays nothing for really crummy video.  Why not just hire a police captain as assignment editor at the TV stations or a police sergeant to run the city desk?  They would do it for free I bet.

I got a piece of mail from my State Farm Insurance agent offering to reduce my rates if I were to join their 'Drive Safe and Save' program.  So, I went to the website.  After reading up on it I decided only an idiot would participate. All you have to do to get a small percentage discount is to allow mega corporation State Farm to track your automobile usage and travel with your onboard GPS system.  Just what we need.  More loss of privacy to the marketing vampires of big insurance companies.  Do they really need to know every inch of travel you do?  What will they do with the information?  Sell it to other mega corporations?  Hand it over to Homeland Security?  Tell the world that you visit your favorite massage spa on a regular basis?   They really do think we are all stupid.

I have been insured by State Farm since I was 15 years old on a drivers permit.  They are an okay company when it comes to claims.  But this gives me pause about what direction they are headed in.


Donald F. Schiff said...

Progressive has a similar program. I agree with your assessment. Moreover, they don't even tell how they are going to evaluate the data they collect.

I suspect they intend to use the data for redlining.

Bubba Muntzer said...

That's entrapment. It's law enforcement being lazy and running up their statistics. Where's the evidence that it prevents any crime?

They entice people, lure them into committing a crime. While they're sitting in their cars waiting for some poor sucker to come along and scarfing down coffee and donuts, the warehouse I drive out of, in that big industrial area west of I-25 up there by Jefferson and Paseo, we're getting ripped off almost every single night. We've had gas stolen from our local delivery vehicles and the other night, when we are off for the 1st, someone tried to get the three big batteries out of my semi truck. They took the battery our of a co-worker's pickup and they took the license plate off my pickup.

They're unchallenged. We see them cruising through the parking lots. They use teams of two vehicles at a time. We've seen two pickups and two cars. In the past three or four months since it began I've seen one police car down there one time.

Anonymous said...

Commercial burglary along the Jefferson corridor has always been bad and has always been perpetrated by organized efforts and teams. When I worked Valley graveyard my partner and I tried to stay up there because of the issue. However we always got dispatched away to deal with the mess as bars don't own let out at 2am. I know there have been a few tac-plans dealing with it but as with any significant problem, once the News reporters go away, so does APD ownership of the problem.

I'm sorry, I know it stinks.

Anonymous said...

Two responses =
There IS a too cozy relationship between the media and local law-I called KRQE News in April 2010 and asked who produced a piece, and the guy answering the newsroom phone became defensive and uncooperative (the story was about a drug bust), and finally admitted he was a former BCSO.
Lesie Linthicum wrote a sweet story sometime in the last two years about how she cared for a former colleague at the Journal who had become an APD officer.
APD uses KOAT and the Journal as its PR arm, free of charge (too many examples).
And having a long-time former APD officer running for mayor is a frightening vision of fascism, too.