Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The issue of the year is sane gun control.  So of course the New Mexico Legislature's first committee to look at closing loopholes in private gun sale background checks has tabled the motion.  Will it see the light of day?

The big Pharma groups in Washington are trying to limit the sale of generic drugs.  This would cost the taxpayer dearly under our new national healthcare.  I assume all of these CEO and Boards are republicans soaked in greed.  They might be a real death panel.

The New York Times Science page today has interesting piece on all the little things that can kill you.  Like falling in the shower.  It says to pay attention to these little things. I guess not passing gun control legislation is one of the big things that can kill you.

The Republicans and the President and Dems are in a race to reform our immigration laws after the GOP realized that Latino voters count.  This is a good thing.  Now if we could just get our nation's environmental movement to recognize this fact too.  I challenge anyone to look at the boards and staff of national, regional and local environmental nonprofits and see  if there are any Latinos there.  I can tell you they are few and far between.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

It's being said the Latino vote in the election caused this dramatic turnaround in the Republican Party's stance on immigration reform. (I'd say it caused a turnaround in Democrats' thinking, too. They were fine with letting this ride and not pushing it.)

But it's a big and rapid change, attributed to Latinos. Maybe when Latinos want action on the environment and gun control there will be action on the environment and gun control.