Thursday, January 03, 2013


Steve Pearce, our tea party congressman and oil and gas mascot from the southern district actually voted for Eric Canter to replace Speaker Boehner in the Congress.  Even Canter voted for Boehner.  One can only wonder what synapses are firing in Pearce's brain when he does stuff like this.  It is remarkable.  And what did he gain for his district and state when he did this?  Lets see, federal budget cuts coming and he has how many military bases in his district?

We are leaving our cold weather in NM for a visit to our son and his family in upstate New York.  Probably colder there with a couple of feet of snow awaiting us.  But more importantly we get to see our 26 month old grandson Simon in the flesh.  Weekly computer sessions with him are nice, but being able to hold him in our lap and read to him will be a lot more fun.  Our heavily armed housesitter, with out need of an assault rifle, will be here taking care of the cats.

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