Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Yesterday's post omitted the word 'not' in a crucial place.  I do not believe that $179,000 is adequate to support a home in Washington and a home back in the home state for a Congressman or Senator who rely on that salary  alone for income.  Even if the spouse works and makes 100K a year.


Anonymous said...

$179,000 is outrageous on its face with New Mexico being as poor of a state as it is and the median income being around $25,000 to $35,000 at most. Do not run if you can't live on it and do not be and embarassment by sleeping in your office and showering in the capitol gym. The odds are Heinrick will leave the Senate a multi-millionare one day , as has Bingaman and Domenici. Heinrick is already saying he is moving his wife and kids to Washington. BOO HOO, New Mexico, I am too poor, but I still want to be your Senator. Get a cheap efficiency, one bedroom apartment in Albq for $1,000 a month to keep your residence and buy or rent a decent place in Virgina or Washington, but do not tell me you cant live on $179,000 a year just for talking and attending meetings.

Anonymous said...

The last commenter is an idiot. He wants only the rich to run the country. Only the millionaires would fit his bill. What an unsophisticated thinker.

Abq Dude said...

Oh,I feel so sorry for the poor congressman whose average net worth has increased to over $900k, while the average person's has declined over the last 6 years. They get a lot of perks and nice retirements. Half the members of congress are millionaires. Finally, when someone in the private sector doesn't do their job, they get fired. Not so with congress at an all time low approval rating.