Thursday, September 18, 2014


 I am ending my 22 years as a councilmember with the wilderness Society. They erected a dinosaur in my honor across the street at the National Geographic building.  Bahahahaha!


Anonymous said...

Is that a jimbacasaurus or the more generic bacasaurus?

Anonymous said...

A fitting representation of you and your left wing nut ideas...old and tired

Bubba Muntzer said...

Those are good, A. Both of them - have a nice ring to them.

That Wilderness Society is quite an outfit. I'd heard of it but can't say I knew much about it. Their Wikipedia entry details a stunning list of accomplishments.

Those are some heavy hitters on that board, too. Theodore Roosevelt IV, Dave Matthews the rock and roll superstar, etc. Jim is one of the senior members. Aldo Leopold and Ansel Adams are former board members. That's some pretty impressive company, Jim, and thanks for putting in the 22 years worth of effort on our behalf.

Jim Baca said...

Yeah, right in there with Theodore Roosevelt who you would consider a dinosaur. Senator Clinton Anderson of NM
WAS THE MAJOR SPONSOR OF THE WILDERNESS ACT. He would be a victim of your right wing hatred too if he were alive today.

Bubba Muntzer said...

I remember driving down I-15 once in California -- it must have been 2004 because John Kerry was running for president -- and some truck driver was ranting on the CB radio about Kerry being a Socialist.

It was kind of funny. I mean, how misinformed can someone be? Kerry is a millionaire married to a multi millionaire. Democrats had long since abandoned anything like Keynesian or redistributionist economic policies.

For awhile accusations like that seemed an indication of how far to the right the center had moved in the US. But then when President Obama started being called a Socialist and a Fascist, often in the same article, I realized it's an indication of something else, too, of how stupid America has become.

People who hurl Socialist, Leftist, Fascist, Communist as epithets have no idea what those terms mean. They are simply saying, 'I don't like you.' 'I don't understand you.' 'You are outside the narrative that's been created for my consumption by advertising and PR specialists who know how to play upon peoples' worst inclinations and biases, on the feeble, fearful little spirit I have left after years of having my head pumped full of vitriol and bullcrap. You are the object of it. That is all I know.'

It's sad. I don't know how the country gets beyond it. The Republican demographic, blessedly, is shrinking. Maybe it will just fade away.

Incidentally, I took the CB radio out soon after that when I stopped at a truck stop. On my way inside to eat I set it beside the dumpster and when I came back out it was gone.