Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Heart Murmur

Everyone I have spoken with this morning are murmuring about Democratic Governor Candidate Gary King's attempt to figure out what is in the Governor's heart when it comes to Latinos.  Other than being a really stupid thing to even mention, it is really impossible to know what is in Susanna Martinez's heart.  So why even bring it up?

King's statement that Latinos should not vote for someone just because they are Latino is fine.  He should have left it at that.  You wonder if anyone in that campaign has any influence over what Gary is going to say at a campaign stop.  I kind of doubt it.  It appears that Gary is in a bubble and going it alone.  His campaign is turning into what most feared it would be.  Totally ineffectual.  It is too bad, because he is a decent honest guy.

And the Governor?  She continues down a path paved with right wing corporate money as our economy continues to crumble and our malaise continues to grow.  I would say she hasn't had an original idea since she took office.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what Latina Martinez was thinking when one of her top advisers referred to Ben Lujan as sounding "retarded" when he spoke English, especially given the fact that Martinez has a special needs sister? Why did she not say anything then? Why did she laugh about it? Why did she not apologize to the Lujan family for the remarks of one of her aides? But hey, we can all be proud that we have the first Latina Hypocrite as Governor.

Anonymous said...