Thursday, September 04, 2014


The Tesla folks really had everyone running around trying to attract their new battery factory.  I had predicted that Nevada would win for a lot of reasons so it is not really surprising to me.  The logistics just favored Nevada.  But the ripples of being an also ran will continue to radiate outwards.

The fact of the matter is that our leaderless state continues to fester thanks to the Governor's office, legislative chambers and Mayor's office around the Land of Enchantment.  One never gets the feeling that there is a sense of  urgency being shown on fixing things around here.  Maybe we should change our state's moniker to the 'Land of Bewilderment'.

Things don't look to be getting any better.  Our business community is as responsible as anyone, along with the dismal abilities of our newspaper and broadcast journalists.  No one is thinking about real solutions to New Mexico's seemingly solitary slide amongst the states into economic depression.  How long can this go on?

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Anonymous said...

If the Governor had secured the Telesa factory, she would have hogged all of the credit and touted herself as the greatest job creator. Since this is a failure, why shouldn't she take the vast majority of the blame. She did not work in a bipartisan manner like prior governors, conducted secret negotiations with tax payer money and it seems to me that we should know what was put on the table so we can determine her business acumen or not. You are giving her a pass that is not warranted.