Friday, September 26, 2014

Up North

I am heading up to Fort Collins, Colorado this morning to join Bobbi in helping out our daughter Noelle.  She has been ordered to bed for the next few months because of twin girls wanting to be born early.  All on the weekend she and Luke were to move into a new home.  My job is to fix up batches of New Mexican food to be frozen into lunch size portions.  Also, a dozen Frontier breakfast burritos are in the freezer.   They seem to be her favorite comfort food.

We are hoping for the best.  Noelle, who is very fit, will need a lot of encouragement to stay rested and not be running marathons.  We will be helping with that too.

Bobbi retired from her Federal job with the US Forest Service on Tuesday after 28 years as an engineer and financial whiz.  I am so proud of her.  Less than twelve hours later she was headed up to Noelle's to start her job of grandmother.  She is a dynamo.


troutbirder said...

Best wishes to your daughter and you comments on new watching struck home as I've adopted a similar attitude. This engender a certain guilt complex in me as a retired history and social studies teacher who constantly urged his students to "keep up on current events." But these days enough is enough....

aldog said...

Both Beth and I wish you and your daughter the best.

Allan and Beth Porter

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to Bobbie! No rest for grandma, though. I hope all goes well for Noelle and Luke. They will be in my thoughts.

Tim D.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Congratulations to your wife! And on the many adventures to come as you two redefine your life together!

And on the forthcoming arrival of two more grandkids! I hope all goes well and I'm sure they will - everyone seems to be on top of things.

I, too, agree on the not watching too much news. It can be a distraction from what's going on.

I turned on the NPR morning news a couple of times this week, and it was like picking up the same narrative where it left off last time. The NPR style, their story selection, all are geared toward the certain demographic they serve, and they are subtly preparing them for another war.

Another way of looking at it is, once you know why things happen, it shouldn't be a surprise that they do, or that they keep happening over and over. In that regard the good novels you read are more enlightening than the news, I think, in that they are dissections of, or they "explore," as they like to say, human nature, how societies operate, how societal systems influence or dictate human behavior, etc.

There's the story, yes, we all like a good story, but they also satisfy a need to know, I think. The 'What makes us tick?'

Ah, and since you're making those long drives let me take the opportunity to plug, where volunteers record good books, which you can download for free and put in your iPod.