Sunday, September 14, 2014

Grasping at Straws

The Research and Polling election poll results in the Albuquerque Journal this morning shows Democratic Governor Candidate Gary King in even worse shape than I thought possible.  His numbers have dropped as he has failed to get up on TV to answer Governor Martinez's onslaught of slime.  She leads him by 18 points, 54-36.

Just last night ProgressNow New Mexico dug up a month old poll showing King behind by only  5%.  This reach back into history to shore things up for King is grasping at straws.  Especially when that poll received wide spread criticism for the New York Times and CBS because it used unproven techniques.  The American Association for Public Opinion Research said the results in that poll were highly suspect.  Read about it here.

But no matter, I will have to stick with Research and Polling's results because they are always, once again always, with in the margin of error.  It is just hard to argue if you look at the accuracy over the last 25 years of that poll.  I recall everyone went apoplectic when that poll showed Mayor Berry with over sixty percent on his reelect numbers just before the election.  Everyone said that was wrong.  But Berry went on to win with 68%.

The only hope for King now is to come up with the money and do some real truth telling on TV about the economic meltdown of our state under Martinez.  Her filthy TV ads can't go unanswered.


New Mexican said...

Gary King will have to live with his decision to ignore the will of the Democratic Party's preprimary results where he failed to come up with the necessary votes to get on the ballot and he then went on to get signatures to force himself on the democratic voters at the primary.

He figured he could win the contested primary with many contenders and he was right, but, and this is a big but, he should have known he could not win. His ego got in front of his common sense. Bruce would have told him this, his mother would have told him this. But they were gone and he made his own decision.

As a result we will end up with 4 more years of Susana and her insane policies thanks to Gary King.

He tarnished his fathers legacy and his own as well. Gary King will be a post script, an asterisk, in New Mexican politics come January 2015 when he leaves office.

Anonymous said...

Research and Polling has "missed" on a couple of surveys in its history, but sooner or later this is the case with all surveys, since they are always estimates. NO polling group is ALWAYS reflective of its population's opinions. However, R&P is meticulous in its methodology and does the best job that can possibly be done by any polling organization. I see no reason to question its honesty or any bias. Methodology can always be challenged. The most professional and esteemed polling groups can and do differ over the details of their methodology, usually over the basis for their samples..