Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Not Great Debate

I didn't attend the lunch time back and forth between Governor Martinez and Democrat challenger Gary King yesterday.  Speaking in front of the National Industrial and Office Park group, neither of them, according to friends who were there, got around to talking about the dismal condition of the construction industry in New Mexico.  They are in deep trouble and one would think one of these candidates could expound on possible public works projects that might help.

Yes, there were lamentations by the candidates on economic meltdowns in New Mexico.  The governor said things are really picking up and Gary King said things are not.  But that hardly gets down into the weeds of how to really fix things.

This campaign will be over in a matter of weeks and it may well go down in history for failing to give the public any solutions to our current and growing crisis.  And the public for its part doesn't seem to give a damn.

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Anonymous said...

This state makes me sick. You have a do nothing mayor and make things worse governor and when somebody steps ups to challenge them they are smeared with such negativity it's disgusting. Berry and Martinez melt under even the lightest scrutiny but act as if they are beyond approach. Don't think the electorate doesn't see that and that's why they don't give a damn.