Thursday, September 25, 2014

News Anorexic

I think I am becoming a TV news anorexic.  I haven't watched a local or national newscast in a week and I am finding out I just don't miss it much.  If I don't see another story on the chaos in the Middle East for the rest of my life it will be fine with me.

I am not reading anything about that violent culture in the newspapers any more.  It is old news and it never changes.  We bomb, they organize and try to develop toothpaste bombs.  They slaughter innocents as we do.  It is just what we are I guess.

As a post script, I am giving up in fighting loose dogs in our neighborhood park.  People truly think the dog leash  law doesn't apply to them because their dogs are "nice".  They say their dogs have had bad experiences in the city dog parks and so that makes it okay for them to unleash their dogs in a non dog park. I am sure most of them are nice dogs, until one of them isn't.  It is only a matter of time and then the city will face a massive lawsuit for not enforcing the leash law that was so carefully and laboriously hammered out some years ago.  

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Anonymous said...

I live near the UNM north campus. Once someone's dog got loose the residents in the area immediately called animal control on their cell phones. The owner showed up right when animal control showed up and apologized for her dog getting out. The highly educated residents also pick up and bag their dog poop.