Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Feel Good

The County Clerk now has to jump through hoops after the County Commission put two non binding questions on the General election ballot as some sort of 'feel good' effort  to keep a couple of constituencies happy.  The questions on decriminalization of pot and a tax for mental health services will clutter up an already full ballot.

Here is an idea for the stampeded Commission.  Call Brian Sanderoff at Research and Polling and have him conduct a poll to see how people are feeling about these issues.  You will get the same results and you will do it cheaper.  And you won't screw up the ballot.

One thing to feel good about today is the firing of that NFL football player for viciously and violently knocking his fiancee unconscious.  That video should guarantee that he never play again.  But if you look at that former NFL dog fight promoter, you know that he will.  It is laughable that the NFL looks to make its players as violent as possible on the field, and then think that doesn't spill over into life off the field.  These guys think they can do no wrong.


Ok, then said...

Football isn't the only profession where violence at work spills over to home. Military and police also have high incidences of domestic abuse.



Maggie Oliver said...
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