Monday, September 08, 2014


My sleep patterns are finally back to normal after a week at home.  I always have more problems with the sleep cycle coming back from a trip than going. And I have lost the four pounds I gained plus two more.  Back on weight watchers.

 Now that I am more alert I have noticed that my prediction of a blowout campaign for Governor by Martinez is coming true.  Her millions of dollars just can't be answered by Gary King.  He is realistically invisible.

The most important race, once again, might be for Secretary of State.  Maggie Tolouse Oliver stands a good chance of winning, but I fully suspect that the Koch brothers and others will soon fill the republicans coffers for that vote suppressing incumbent Dianna Duran.  So send some money to Maggie here.

I noticed the Mayor of Rio Rancho is going out to town hall meetings all over his jurisdiction.  I wonder if Mayor Berry is still locked in his office?  I see he is going to Nevada to learn about proper police training and procedures.  Maybe he needs a recharge from the new Tesla battery site.

And why is the highest paid public employee at UNM the basket ball coach?   Madness.


Anonymous said...

Jim Baca says it's "madness" that the highest paid UNM employee is the basketball coach.

Agreed. Everyone knows it should be the football coach.

Anonymous said...

Re: Mondays Journal article "Abq city, business leaders to visit Vegas PD" on a three day trip to study police use of force and best practices. Does anyone find this downright weird or odd? Sure does sound like a junket.

Vegas had 2 shootings and reached out to DOJ for help before there was ever a DOJ investigation. Berry has had 27 shooting and is only now looking for best practices? Where these people need to go is to Seattle and New Orleans to take a look at what has happened in those 2 cities after DOJ consent decrees and reforms.

The article also reports Albuquerque Chamber President Terrie Cole as going with Berry and Eden. Cole and the Chamber are nothing but Berry cheerleaders sticking their noises in areas they know nothing about. The Albuquerque Chamber sets up an APD Reform Task force but does nothing on helping business and improving the economy. Wonder if dim wit Sherman McCorkle is going to hold Gordon Eden's and Berry's hands?