Monday, September 29, 2014


I am hearing murmurings that the case of the guy who allegedly committed suicide in a dumpster after shooting a police dog might be resurrected for another look.  This is the 14th time I have written about this shooting that happened last spring.  The Office of Medical Investigator said it was a suicide although there was no powder residue on the man's clothing.  And I got a tip today that the bullet they removed from him was of a different size than the gun he supposedly used on  himself.  I also hear that APD is now being very reluctant to talk about the case, which is strange if they say it is a suicide.  Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

And no lapel camera footage from APD SWAT team when they went in to get the guy, again. Since the Boyd killing how many times has APD's SWAT team turned on their cameras? ZERO! Yet has Eden / Huntsman disciplined anyone in SWAT for not following orders? No. APD SWAT team and the manlove that Eden and Huntsman have for them is the cultural problem at APD.

And why isn't Kari Brandenburg investigating this "suicide"? Something stinks.

Anonymous said...

Oh surely our "finest" officers in APD would never act in such a manner!

Say it ain't so, Jim!

Anonymous said...

Was this man a "lunatic"?

Didn't he know the APD safe word?

Anonymous said...

Grateful that you have persevered on this incident. Also, the Mary Hawkes execution needs to be exposed as well. The gangster culture within APD is cancerous and is killing this community.

Anonymous said...

Who cares. Nobody.