Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baca's Believe It or Not!

I am going to start this Believe it or Not thing once in a while. Here is my first entry.

The new State GOP Chairman Harvey Yates, the oil and gas man from Artesia, has called on Governor Richardson's non profit political committees to announce who gave them money. That's okay really. But coming from the Yates petroleum tycoon it is almost laughable. This oil company, its executives, employees and political action committees have heaped untold amounts of money on republican pols to carry the oil industry's baggage for years. The money has been funneled in and out of so many cubby holes and camouflaged groups that it defies imagination.

I know this is true because Yates money poured in against me in my last race for Land Commissioner a couple of years ago. I would assume they managed to gather and fund my oil and gas mascot opponent, Pat Lyons, to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars. They did pretty much the same thing for other republicans.

So, Mr. Yates. Why don't you fess up to that before calling on the Governor to do so?

And, can you believe the morsel that President bush served up. He said he carried out his duties with "conviction." Now it would be nice to serve him with one too! Actually, although it would be a just thing to do, we will be to busy cleaning up his horrendous legacy.

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